Good acoustics provides wellness.

Recently, we've moved to a new home with our two boys aged 4 and 7 years, respectively. In this new house we had huge problems with noise. We barely stand living there. Eventually we discovered that the problem was because of faulty acoustics. We decided to save some money to invest in a new roof, and although we lost a summer vacation, we do not regret it, at all. It became a fantastic experience! Now we have our family back and we can listen to music at home and make our family dinners again. Mute's ceilings are excellent and their staff is highly qualified and competent!


Rikke og Douglas Ventrup, Rødovre, Denmark

Good Acoustics
It's not just

for audiophiles


Children, television, dogs and cats - so much noise and clatter. When good acoustic lack, it only gets worse with time. What should be a cosy and welcoming home, it's just another a stressful environment. That is why Mute's ceilings are the ideal solution!


When conversations become laughter.
Here at MUTE we are familiarized to all kinds of modern homes where everything is previously thought - except the acoustics. Large dining rooms, vaulted ceilings or out of the ordinary shape, big windows and glass partitions around the house. When the spacious kitchen with the sleek and modern lines and a smooth surface is completed, the space really looks beautiful. But the acoustics were not taken into account - and that's something bigger than the beauty of the space itself.


Our acoustic solution provides a new home in less than a week.
We can apply our acoustic ceilings on all surfaces - even the curved ones. All our ceilings are Class A, and can be coloured in whatever colour you want. Additionally, you can choose between several different structures.
A family kitchen with 30m2 takes only two days from start to finish - from preparation to application and even including corners. After that it takes only 2 to 5 days to dry. After that, it's ready. There you have it, your new kitchen with our Mute's acoustic ceiling. You will hear the difference!



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