acoustic ceilings

Ceilings should be seen - but are absent


Try the difference

Mute's acoustic ceilings are like ordinary ceilings, but with the crucial difference that our ceilings reduce reverberation time significantly. Mute's acoustic ceilings also have a wide range of additional benefits:


  • They are Flexible and can be glued or screwed to the existing roof;
  • It can be screwed into a galvanized steel structure;
  • It doesn't crack even under adverse conditions;
  • We can make continuous ceilings; over 3000 m2 without any kind of joints;
  • Mute's acoustic plasters are emission-free;
  • In whatever color you want with Three different textures;
  • An acoustic ceiling without any expansion joints;
  • Can be painted after applied with you exclusive microparticle MUTEink+;
  • In the event of accident, our ceilings are easy to repair.


The acoustic plaster Mute is an internationally recognized product. An internationally awarded product that can be found in various works scattered throughout the world.


When the acoustic ceiling is mounted it significantly reduces reverberation time and thus opposes to the so-called "competition for noise quota." The effect in where everyone speaks louder in order to hear each other. When you try to be sociable in a room where there are acoustic ceilings, you know the difference it makes...


Infinite Surface

Our ceilings can only be installed by qualified personnel and require very special tools and expertise. That's why all of our technicians have specialized training in the installation of these ceilings. Mute's acoustic ceilings are an elegant solution that can be installed in any building, either new or existing ones with ease. With no visible joints this is an enviable architectural solution.


Mute - goodbye to disturbing noises

Mutes' acoustic ceilings increases the comfort by reducing the reverberant field. Disturbing noise can be a contributory cause of stress. A poor working environment provides a sense of discomfort for costumers and employees, generates discomfort and decreases productivity.
Mute's acoustic ceilings provides adequate noise reduction - especially in the area of communication and helps create a better working environment, greater satisfaction and ultimately better results in terms of profitability and satisfaction of its employees and therefore your business.


3 types of finishing

Mute's acoustic ceilings can have 3 different types of finishes.



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Mute Natural
Akustikpuds Mute Nordic
An elegant surface with some roughness resulting from the application of only one coat of plaster.
Mute Smooth
A smoother shape resulting from the application of a thin layer of acoustic material, and a secondary coating three days after.
Mute Extra-Smooth
Akustikpuds Mute Silk
A very smooth and silky surface - it's the smoothest acoustic ceiling in the world! When the acoustics and appearance are more important than the price. It consists in the application of two thin layers of Mute's acoustic plaster spaced by a drying period between them.