How is the workflow


Our ceilings require special tools and specialized personnel for the installation. That's why all our technicians are trained in the acoustic plaster installation.
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Mounting in galvanized steel structure
Glass fibre plates bolted on a steel frame equal to that of the plasterboard. The plates can be fitted with lighting, sensors, trapdoors and other technical elements without any problems.


Mounting directly on an existing ceiling
Glass fibre boards glued directly on an existing concrete ceiling in plasterboard or wood. The levelling of the base is essential for a good finish of our acoustic ceilings.


Sanding glass fibre plates
Mute's glass fibre boards are very special due to its long fibre characteristics that allows them to be sanded and create a uniform base for the projection of MUTE cotton fibres.


MUTE projection plaster
Mute's projection plasters are sprayed with a special equipment, spread in two directions and there it is! Then the plaster is let to dry for a period of three to ten days depending on the degree of humidity of the space. It is not necessary to create expansion joints.



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