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Mute’s acoustic ceilings not only provide greater structural strength but also superior acoustic properties.


95% of sound is absorbed
Mute's acoustic plaster has only 40mm thick when applied, and fits any surface. Besides, we can make the application of our acoustic ceilings on larger surfaces without using a single joint.
Damp Rooms
Mute's acoustic ceilings can be applied in bathrooms, locker rooms, gyms, swimming pools and any other places with large accumulation of moisture, significantly reducing the echo and reverberation with the benefit of keeping the ceilings and walls mould free, providing considerably more satisfactory results - both to the architect and the manufacturer and ultimately to the user.

Thousands of shades - Millions of possibilities
Mute's acoustic ceilings can be painted in any colour you want. In addition, Mute is available to collaborate with artists, giving them the freedom to make decorations directly on our colourful acoustic plaster as is the case of the Lisbon's Park of Nations Church.

All these options make Mute's acoustic ceilings one of the most versatile solutions on the market - allowing greater freedom and architectural creativity.


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